Theorycraft LAN Summer 2014 24.-27.7. HELSINKI

The venue

Just like last year, the venue will be the Lauttasaari youth house in Helsinki, Finland. We have plenty of computer seats for everybody! Okay not for everybody, so please do sign up to help us prepare. This time alcohol is even more restricted than last time around, because chances are we will have someone from the staff checking out our activities there. If you are to have a casual drink, make sure you are not drunk and it's not visible.

The address is Pajalahdentie 10 A and there's parking space for at least ten cars just outside the venue.

How to get there

Route from Länsiväylä

Route from the city centre

The schedule

Doors will be opened at 16:00 on Thursday and we expect everything to be ready at that time.

We have come up with a loose timetable to make sure that the competitions progress smoothly and to enable us to play some real LAN games as well.

The schedule will be updated later.


Texas Hold'em Poker

Blind system: TBA

Buy-in: 10€

Organizer: narod

Note: Poker Tournaments will not count towards the Supreme Champion point pool.

Seven Card Stud Poker

Blind system: TBA

Buy-in: 10€

Click here to see the rules for 7 card stud (in Finnish)

Organizer: Istaria + Guelqwen

Note: Poker Tournaments will not count towards the Grand Prize point pool.

Quake 3 Rocket Arena

After having fun with QuakeWorld the last few years, we decided to try this gem of a game for a change.

Rules & Maps updated later.

Organizer: liekki & dronsu

Oldskool Olympics

Specific rules for this tournament

  • Liero

  • Mine Bombers

  • Rampart

Organizer: Istaria

Ping Pong

The Ping Pong Tournament is back! Last year's champion is now handicapped, so even you could have a chance at winning!

Format: Single elimination brackets, BO3 rounds

Organizer: liekki

Fussball 2on2

There was noticeable interest towards this new addition to the venue so here we go. Team up with a fellow theorycrafter and bring it on!

Organizer: liekki



Format: Single elimination brackets, predetermined maps, BO3 and 7 min rounds, finals BO 5.

Organizer: Ascylon

What to bring

  • A computer
  • Cables! Network cable, extension cord. Also don't forget to bring the cables to your monitor!
  • Headphones
  • Cash for pizza orders etc
  • Food and drinks (no alcohol) There is a kitchen equipped with all common appliances.
  • Sleeping pad and bag
  • Change clothes
  • Toothbrush and other hygiene

Hope to see you at the lans!